R.H.E.T.S Terms and Conditions 
1/We ask that you pay a non-refundable deposit when booking the transport. The deposit will usually amount to 50% of the total cost.
2/Payment is due on the day of transport (& must be settled prior to loading) less any deposit already paid .Cash is the preferred method of payment .
3/Should a horse we are transporting become unwell or very unsettled during a journey, we reserve the right to contact the nearest vet for treatment or sedation if deemed necessary. The customer will be liable for any veterinary expenses and any delay incurred. RHETS reserve the right to contact the vet on your behalf. The owner however will still remain under all circumstances entirely responsible for all veterinary or emergency charges incurred. 
4/ R.H.E.T.S has the right to cancel any contract on arrival if incorrect information is given regarding the condition, behaviour, temperament and location of the horse. Travell documents, passports and proof of owner ship must be shown before departure. 5/ A cancelled contract will be of no cost to R.H.E.T.S , a call out fee will be charged plus the base to base mileage.
6/Clients will have the opportunity to inspect the horsebox prior to travel. Any damage sustained to the vehicle by the horse/pony will be the client’s liability, and any damage due to incorrect location sustained to the lorry will be paid for by the client (i.e. unsuitable tracks roads narrow roads overhanging trees etc) The client will pay for any damage to the internal or external part of the horsebox on the day. Rhets will not enter any discussions regarding this.
7/It is the owners responsibility to have a current insurance policy with regard to death or injury while being transported, thus rhets advices all equines be insured for transport. Passports must be carried. 
8/R.H.E.T.S is not responsible for death or injury to any horse / pony or person while being transported. 
9/R.H.E.T.S advises that horses / ponies are tacked accordingly for travel.
 10/It is expected that owners load their own horse or pony. 
11/If loading cannot be done within a reasonable time (45 minutes) Following this R.H.E.T.S and the client will then decide if the horse or pony can be loaded, a no load fee of £15.00 per 15 minutes over the 45 minutes will be charged up to 60 minutes plus a call out fee will be charged plus the base to base mileage. No load fee £75 plus base to base mileage. 
12/No person may travel in the groom’s quarters. Smoking is not permitted . No pets will be permitted to travel on board. (Unless collecting from an emergency) Number of persons permitted to travel is limited to owner and groom. 
13/The quote given will be found on a base-to-base basis. If the client quotes a distance and Rhets finds it is more than that quoted, a charge of £3.20 per mile excess will be added on. Waiting time is charged at £15.00 per hour 
14/R.H.E.T.S has the rights to lien (retain goods until the price is paid or sell the goods and return the balance to the customer less any expenses incurred.) 
15/R.H.E.T.S takes all reasonable precautions, but in the event of an accident the client is personally responsible for their horse. 16/R.H.E.T.S is not responsible for any tack or personal belongings carried on board. The vehicle is lockable but owners leave belongings at their own risk. 

RHETS will email you the above document for you to sign and send back via email.